“Who am I?”

I decided to pick the assignment ‘ That’s not what I expected” for the first required visual task.  The assignment was to take a close up a picture and have people guess what it is. The assignment was rated 3 stars which was accurate. This assignment seemed easy at first because I thought all you had to do was take close up of the picture and you would be done. Wrong! I first had to pick an object that would be really simple but hard to find out. The hard part was taking the close up of the picture which my phone did not want to do. It keep becoming blurry and I could not see the picture at all. This process took a good 10 minutes than it need to be. So finally I decided to take a picture of the whole object and crop the part I want to become the close up and I had finished the assignment.

I know people can not get the object by looking a the picture so I decided to give you guys three hints:

Who am I?

I am part of the bird family

Who am I?

Depending on the area, I may wake you up in the morning

who am I

I am very territorial

so Who am I ?

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