“Who said What?”

I decided to pick the assignment ” Who said what” because out of the other two it seemed the easiest to do. The assignment was to find a picture of a well-known secret agent and pick a quote but from another secret agent but change the person who said the quote. I choose the picture of Jason Bourne (and that is all I am going to tell you..). The hardest part was to pick a quote that was similar to the character but from a different secret agent. By searching constantly for a quote, I finally found one from a recent movie that I never even seen. I could not put the original person who said the quote so I choose Ethan Hunt to be the one who said it which turned out to be a good person to pick. Don’t you think he would say it? I think so!

I combined all the items: picture, quote, and random secret agent saying the quote by using paint which took a minute because the text box would not function for me to write words in it. However, I finally finished the picture and I like the results:



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  1. I like how you chose the close up for the image, it made the quote alongside seem more intense along with his expression. I had to look up your quote cause I couldn’t figure out where it was from (because I hadn’t seen that particular one). Awesome combination.

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